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Know your Exams’s DNA

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

If an IAS sits for a bank clerks exam without exam relevant preparation he is sure to fail. Why so?

Each seed has the potential to give rise to the proper plant. A mango seed surely grows to a mango tree. All the information is coded in the seed. This is basically the DNA, which has the codes.

So before preparing for any exam you need to go through the previous years question papers and the syllabus. You need to decode the Exam DNA from this two items only. Any coaching or tutors material will be irrelevant in one or two years.

Some coaching make all the competitive exam aspirants sit together and study a common syllabus. But any experienced teacher can tell you that Bank clerical exams are quite different to SSC exams. So the student should know that preparing for Bank exam and giving SSC exam and vise versa is really a waste of time.

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